Personal Reflection On Critical Thinking

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Allow me to explain. In the beginning of my essay, I discussed how healing occurs through writing (Nash's point). I did this by sharing my dilemma of feeling conflicted between two different priorities: romance and school. My first perspective was self-reflective, because writing allowed for my brain’s thinking to slow down and process my point of view. For example, to process what I was dwelling on, I chose to recall past memories. I could have just recalled the memories by thinking silently in my brain. Instead, I wrote them down so I could visually see the story. My past patterns of behavior showed me that I cannot live black and white because life is gray. It is not about focusing on one priority over the other, it is about balancing them. It is about understanding how each is important, and to reject one over the other only leads to more confliction within myself. …show more content…
In context, I could read my memories as a story, with beginning, middle (climax), and end (resolution). Visually, I was able to see the progression of events that led to choosing romance. As I wrote out each one; first being my romance at 18, and second my romance at twenty-eight; I gave my brain time to recall, remember, and then process. Often I would set my pen down, and stare at my words. My words were a compilation of conscious and unconscious thoughts that once I recognized, I accepted, and learned from. I believe this is what Nash means by healing through writing brings wholeness. Writing allowed me to see the whole picture. Seeing the whole picture allowed me to self-reflect and self-observe my choices. In doing so; from this literary journey, I attained a new

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