Reflective Essay: The Role Of Literacy In The Classroom

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If one were to walk in to any class room, whether it be a kindergarten class, or a lecture hall at Stanford, you can ask the instructor what the most important trait a student must have to succeed or excel in life, and the answer will most always be, Literacy (the ability to read and write.). However, that is one trait, which I have personally always struggled with, that is until my first paper sophomore year.
When I was growing up, I learned to read and write at a very young age. I never enjoyed it that is just how it came to be. It was not until 5th grade that I developed a hatred towards reading and writing. I wasn’t bad at it, in fact, I was doing better than other students at my level. I just could not understand why sitting
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I stopped reading all together, maybe picking a book up about once to twice a year if I could find something interesting. I got awful grades in my Language arts classes, and did not even care. I even got to a point where I would be getting in trouble in class, because my eyes would be wandering around the room, trying to find something to occupy my mind. And that was just middle school.
As I entered high school, some things may have changed, but my care for English, was still pretty low. Freshman year I don’t even remember if I passed English with a reasonable grade. But then something I’d call a miracle happened my sophomore year, and to this day, I do not take it for granted. My first assignment that year was a narrative about anything that had happened in your life. I remember trying to figure something out, brainstorming like crazy trying to find something interesting, and that’s when it hit me.
Throughout middle school and some of high school, my parents were going through a rough divorce, and I found myself caught in the middle of it. It’s probably the one thing I could actually put on to paper with vivid memories. They were not pleasant what so ever, but it was something I was interested in. That is when I finally found out how to express myself through words. I ended up getting a 92% on that paper, I was

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