Importance Of Speaking In Spanish

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An interesting event that happened in my life that seem bad, but turned out good was attending my junior year and senior year in Puerto Rico. Reminiscing back to when I walked into the halls of Lysander Borrero Terry all I could hear were little voices speaking in Spanish. I could understand what everyone was saying, but I was so confused on why everyone was only speaking in Spanish. As I started my first day of school at the end of the day I came to realize that all my classes were in Spanish and that’s when I felt like I wasn’t able to do it because all I could do is understand and speak slang Spanish. As weeks went by students started to bully me and make fun of me because I couldn’t speak proper Spanish, write or read it. Not only didn’t …show more content…
One day we had an oral presentation to do in Spanish class the teacher gave us a week to practice this 4 page speech, not memorized. The students still would laugh at me and think I didn’t know how to speak fluently, write or read so I let them think that. I practiced the speech I was assigned every single night; I would write it as many times as I can, I would record myself speaking and read over it until I memorized it. The day of the speech came and I entered the class with a lot confidence because I knew I was going to shut every mouth who had something negative to say about me. As the teacher goes down the students list she announces my name to go up front and everyone just stares at me quietly. I stand up and walk to the front of the class with a big smile and my head up high. I greet the class and begin speaking, as I look across the room as I speak the students faces are in shock. All of the sudden I see the teacher rise from her chair with her hand over her mouth in shock as well. When I got done speaking I gave a thank you and everyone started to applaud very loudly. The students and teacher gave me amazing compliments and said how they could not believe I could do

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