Essay On Strength Of Reading

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For as long as I can remember, reading has ultimately always been a challenge. Writing however, has been one of my strengths. Writing, for some reason, always came easier than reading. Reading comprehension for example, was one of my major struggles growing up. I could read a page in a book, but when asked what it was about, or to point out the significance, I couldn’t. As I got older and wiser I learned reading techniques that made helped me comprehend what I was reading. I now look for context clues, guiding words, and learned to skim. However, the fear of reading, or lack of confidence, unfortunately has still stuck with me. I have never been confident in my reading ability, writing on the other hand, comes a lot easier to me.

My earliest recollections of reading go back to elementary school, fourth grade to be exact. My teacher loved to popcorn read. We pop-corned read everything, from novels, to textbooks, and math questions. For as long as I can
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I struggled with reading comprehension and it showed in my grades and test scores. I was placed in a reading strategies class in seventh grade. The teacher was a male that didn’t seem to help me much, he also taught all of the ELL courses. We did a lot of reading comprehension exams on computers, at least once a week. I remember being frustrated because I would do badly on the weekly tests and it was affecting my grade. In eighth grade, seeing no progress, I was placed in another reading strategies course. This time it was my last period of the day and went an extra hour after school. The teacher was a female who had taught my brother (who also struggled with reading) years before. She was a terrific teacher and cared so deeply about all of us in her after school class. Here, I remember learning how to dissect readings and understand them. She did a lot of one on one work with

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