Reflective Essay On Marriage And Family

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An introduction to the class Marriage and Family. A few key topics that I will be discussing will be about arranged marriages, dating Lebanese couple that fight for civil arranged marriages, and saying no to domestic violence. Rules for every different religion and forced marriages. LGBT families and relationships, attraction, mate selection, and romantic relationships.
I thought that the week three lesson course was the most interesting. From learning about Lebanon’s first marriage to the eighteen different sects. That this particular country had fifteen sets of rules for every different religion. There was an equal and identical marriage rights. I definitely thought it was unfair that they had enforced laws that weren’t even realistic. I
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I could never imagine what it would be like to fight for an arranged marriage that she didn’t want. Then having her overhear that these family friends were telling her parents that a bullet costs less than a dollar. In other words, meaning she isn’t worth anything to her family or anyone. Finding out something so hurtful and scary like that has to be pretty awful. Even though she was pretty much stuck in that situation, I would still try to find out a way to get out of the situation as soon as possible. This definitely made me think more about my life and be thankful that I don’t have to worry about having an arranged marriage or that any of my close friends also don’t have to go through this. I have also learned that I need to start appreciating more about how good my life really is. Especially because not everyone is as fortunate as me and that not everyone has the opportunity to pick who they end up marrying for the rest of their life. Forced marriage is a crime and you will have to serve seven years in prison. Prior to taking this class I didn’t even know that it was crime or that you had to serve time in prison. Another lecture clip I enjoyed was the football one. …show more content…
I couldn’t just pick one of them. I chose week two because I learned more about attraction, partnering, and mate selection. Along with romantic relationships, variability race and social class, and LGBT. During September of 2000, same sex couples included Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Mexico City, United States, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and recently New York had allowed the rights associated with marriage. I never knew that Californians had limited the legal marriage pertaining to man and woman. A few other new things I had learned was that the Supreme Court ousted the conservative election in 2010 and that the first pregnant man on Opera. Female to male transgender had given birth to a baby. And also a sperm female embryo cells. Biological and social mother has to do with co-mothering type. Plan co-mother families through direct insemination. I had never heard about any of this prior to this class. Something new I never knew were that the states that were more likely to raise children are Mississippi, South Dakota, Alaska, North Carolina, and Louisiana with the same sex couples. Lesbian couples are not strongly related to promoting lesbians and that gay men or fathers don’t promote them to become gay. I already figured that this wasn’t strongly promoted with their children, but at times some people may think that it is. Those parents

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