Equity And Diversity In America

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Over this semester I think one of the most eye opening things we talked about was how women were uneducated but were the primary educators. This is crazy for me to think about, because they were expected to teach the children about everything that was going on. This also shows how much education has evolved since then. I think that it is our responsibility as teachers to the students to teach them about the issues, this can mean using other sources besides the textbook to teach the students. There are certain chunks of our history as a country that is left out in many textbooks, they try to make it seem like they are less terrible that how they really are. I think that a huge part of being a teacher is being able to leave your beliefs at the door and teach the students no matter if they agree with your views or if they don’t. I personally think that if you can’t leave your personal views at the door then you shouldn’t be a teacher. This means no matter whom you have in your classroom you will treat them the same as any other student. I think its hard for some people (teachers, or even students) to understand this at times, but this makes equity and equality more true.
When we listened to the LBGTQ panel it made
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We aren’t genetically established different, but politically we were divided by our race. If you look up the zoologically definition of race it states, “A biological race is a population of organisms that can be distinguished from other populations in the same species based on differences in inherited traits (Roberts, 4).” This doesn’t define how we classify race at all. There is only one human race, but most people would say no there are many human races because politically we have created race. Its how you appear, if you weren’t “white” you were different and looked at differently because of this physical

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