My Academic Success: Course Analysis

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Throughout this course, I employed several strategies and practices that I employed in order to aid in my academic success. One major practice which ended up very successful for me was creating and typing a study guide before major exams. Using this method helped me to organize all of my notes and compile the essential information into one document. This was helpful because it eliminated a need to constantly flip through my notebook pages or search through several documents to study. Also, typing up study guides forced me to actively review the material and provided me with another opportunity to be exposed to important concepts and ideas. In my opinion, repetition can be very useful because the more you practice something the more you become …show more content…
Von Thaden because being exposed to his analogies of the text to real world scenarios provided me with a clearer and more concrete comprehension of important theories. In addition, there were several instances in which I had incorrectly recorded information in my notes due to misinterpreting what Dr. Von Thaden was trying to get across. For example, in Antigone, I did not put the thought together that Antigone and Creon were both flawed characters. This was pointed out to me in one of my meetings with my professor which ended up being a question on one of the next exams. Another practice that I found very useful was creating acronyms for some of the material that needed to be memorized. For example, I created a very useful acronym for recalling the phenomenological method. The phenomenological method contains four steps which include gathering data, searching for patterns, analyzing structure of patterns and generalizations. The acronym I created that helped me remember the steps of this method was “grab Sally another Ginger Ale”. Taking the complex information and translating it into simple phrases really helped me memorize information for the …show more content…
A major issue that I identified was with in my completion of the writing assignments. My writing assignments fell short of success because there were times where I did not properly follow instructions which caused me to lose points. For example, my format and spacing were not correct for the essays and I also forgot to attach the rubric to my paper. I could really use some work on remembering to read all of the instructions and to double check my work after I finish the assignment to make sure I do not leave anything out. Another weakness that I experienced was grammatical errors in the papers. Most significantly, I had trouble with the proper use of punctuation and the appropriate application of apostrophes. I need to be less dependent on the Microsoft Office review feature for correcting these mistakes. Instead, I will research and practice good grammar by utilizing resources such as the writing center. An example of my grammatical errors occurred in my most recent essay. I incorrectly wrote “Nazis” when it should have been “Nazi’s” since I was defining something that they owned. Another weakness I encountered was not focusing hard enough on the readings. The reading tasks were completed, but there were many times where I did not fully understand what the author was trying to convey in the passage. For example, throughout Juergensmeyer I can recall many

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