Dr Hamilton Reflection

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I remember when I signed up for this English class I was excited but I was also nervous on how my grades would reflect my writing. I always have enjoyed writing and looking into literature but I never thought I was any good. I still remember one of the first classes we had this year when we had to write one word that came to our mind when we thought of writing. Immediately the first word I thought of was terrifying, instead of enjoying the process of a paper I was too focused on what the final outcome would be and I think that affected my grade. Throughout the semester Dr. Hamilton has shown me that you can enjoy writing while not worrying about the final product and I think that has made the biggest difference for me improving as a writer. When I decided to come to Presbyterian College I heard many different wonderful things about it, but the one thing that stood out to me was that the professors truly enjoy helping you and they care about your grade. I was a little skeptical at first because I didn’t really think they’d care …show more content…
I especially enjoyed the literature analysis paper we had to type. I have always enjoyed reading a piece of literature and finding out all the little details and what the author is trying to portray in the piece. In literature there are so many hidden meanings and I have found it interesting to discover them by careful reading. I have found out that if you are interested in something it takes a lot of the stress out of the grade and you end up just enjoying typing the paper. My mindset towards papers has drastically changed since the beginning of the year. In the beginning I thought it was terrifying to type papers because my main focus the entirety of the paper was the final grade. This course has made me realize that English is fun and I can write good papers if I take time and do the correct steps to make the best paper

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