Personal Narrative: My Sister's Group

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This week’s group was very emotional for me. While doing the activity there were a lot of different emotions that were stirred up. The first paper that was taken out was my sister and she’s literally my rock. I love her so much and she’s my best friend, I didn’t really want to put myself in that dark place in my head. When I shared during the group I found myself feeling really sad, because even though my sister hasn’t really spoken about moving out I know she wants to go. When talked to me about a few months ago I could hear it in her voice how much she wanted this. I don’t want her to feel like our home is a type of prison or somewhere she’s stuck in. Hearing the older siblings in our group talk was really eye opening, because I could understand a bit better the struggle my sister is going through. My sister takes care of us financially and if she would …show more content…
Despite my hesitance of letting her go I would support 100% back her up in her decision with my parents. My sister hasn’t brought up moving out again, but I feel like it is something we should talk about. I want her to be happy and she has had so much responsibility on her shoulders as the oldest, that I think she obviously deserves to be happy and have some freedom. I’m really happy I was able to share that moment in group. I also loved how one of our leaders and some of the group members were able to relate to me. It genuinely made my heart feel better that I had people that understood and cared. It was really freeing to be able to talk about this as well, because I hadn’t told anyone about it. It was a hurt that I was keeping inside that has been bothering me for a while, so I’m really glad I made an effort to be open in group. I also really enjoyed the energy in the group not only did I feel comfortable expressing myself, but I didn’t feel anxious about other people seeing me be

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