Mary Poppins Cast Analysis

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My experience in the Mary Poppins cast has been probably one of the best things to happen to me so far in my life. At my old school in 10th grade I was in theatre, then the following year I was bullied out, and I desperately missed theatre. It was my life, I enjoy it so much and it is such a part of me. So coming here and deciding to audition on just the second day of school was a really big deal for me. I was absolutely terrified to, but I stuck through and did it anyways, and I am so happy that I did. I got an amazing group of people as friends because of this one decision. I love them all dearly and I am so happy that I actually have friends for the first time in what is probably a year.
Getting to be on stage as the character I am (as I’m sure you’ve seen now because I think you said
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This has been an amazing experience for me and I really don’t want it to end. Though I do know there is a spring show which, no matter what it is, I will be in because of how connected I now am to this department. I’m not sure that anyone really knows how important this is to me, I may say it but they really may not know. Even though there are people I don’t get along with and it’s been quite the roller coaster of emotions, there’s nothing else in the world I would want to do more at this moment. So now, with only three shows left, I find myself realizing what a good move changing schools was, and that sticking out driving to Puyallup from February to June just for school from here lead to this, and that’s okay. I had to endure basically that hell of a school, because it was leading me to this, this school, these people, this is what I needed. Not people who hated me and pulled me down with them, not ones who sided with people who spread lies about me. I needed the people I have now, though we may not be very close yet, that’s okay. Finally after over a year, it’s actually gonna be

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