Reflection: What Makes My Family A Family

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This lesson could be implemented along with my inquiry question, “what makes my family a family”, by giving students another lens to explore what makes their family different from other families. While the focus on this specific lesson is more on identifying characteristics of “places”, ideally, a further lesson would be implemented to expound on the idea that people (or families) shape the characteristic of the environment they live in. Following this would be another lesson that focuses on how different families shape their home environment in different ways (using the classroom family neighborhood as a reference). For the sake of time, this lesson introduces the concept of “characteristics” as a mini-lesson at the beginning of the lesson. …show more content…
 Utilize organizational tools (anchor charts, process charts, graphic organizers) when appropriate. “Just like people, the places we live and work can also have characteristics. These characteristics are shaped by the people who live and work in those spaces. For instance, in our classroom we have desks grouped together so we can work in groups. A characteristic of our classroom is that our desks are grouped so that we can work in groups. Look around the classroom, and silent hands what else is a characteristic of our classroom?
------ Push students to not only give a characteristic, but also how that characteristic reflects the people who use the classroom. - Extra example - A characteristic of the classroom is that we have a library. We have a library so during centers we can explore different books and practice reading.

--- Pull up picture of my room and Home Assessment chart
“Now, here you see a picture of my room in my home and the worksheet we are going to be working on today. Later you are going to be using your imagination to visualize, or picture in your head, your own homes, but for now we are going to work with this picture of my room. Watch me as I think about how my family shapes the characteristics of this room in my home. Hmm… I am using my eyes to look across the picture to see all the different characteristics in this
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Think about why that characteristic might be in my room. You have 30 seconds. Go!”

“Now, when I say go, take one minute to quietly turn and talk with your partner about the characteristic you thought about. Make sure to share with your partner why you think that characteristic is in my room. Go!” -- Circulate room and listen for two examples of good characteristics to put on the board. --- Help facilitate understanding for groups not talking/missing the point After the turn and talk, call on the two students who were identified to have good characteristics and have them help you complete the two remaining boxes of the home worksheet. Making sure to have the student identify: --- What to draw --- Why I might have that characteristic in my room --- A complete sentence that ties the two together “There is a _____ in the room, because _______”

Independent Practice
• What opportunities will students have to use the new skills/concepts in a meaningful

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