Reflection Paper On Writing Process

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I’ve chosen to focus on “Writing Process” as the subject of this reflective introduction, using my analysis paper, “Analysis of Robert Khayat’s Inauguration Speech,” and my argument paper, “Abortion: Helpful or Hurtful to our Economy?,” as examples of how important this learning outcome has been to my overall growth in Writing 101 this semester. I chose this outcome because on every paper I wrote this semester I had issues with drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading my work. A lot of my papers could have used some work, but I’m not one who is good coming up with ideas or well at fixing grammar mistakes. Writing process is an important part of writing because it’s the start and finish of a paper, and being able to perform the writing process well will help me be able to …show more content…
So in class I had to ask a lot of questions in order to understand the assignment and begin. After a while, I understood the task at hand and knocked out a rough draft. For the peer review my partner said it was a good paper and that I just need to pay attention to conventions and mechanics, which is also one of the learning outcomes we’ve learned this year. So after the peer review, I went over and edited my paper to the best of my ability because I’m not a grammar guru. After revising and editing my paper, I turned it in to be graded. When I received my paper back I realized that I hadn’t done as well as I thought, due to the fact I received a 78 on the paper. Looking at the comments of my paper I had trouble with explaining my thoughts in the right tense and had lots of minor grammar issues. I realized after this paper that I would need to do more proofreading and revising for future

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