Reflection Paper On Working As A Team Member

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Reflection Paper Two
I am confident on working myself as an individual in most circumstances. I know very well that it is not very successful and in order to gain maximum benefit, I have to learn to work as a team. This particular assignment has helped to play an active role as a team member. It also brings about a notion of ethical understanding. It is important therefore to note that as a group, not everyone will do the same thing, as it is obvious that everyone has a point of weakness and strength, which does not resemble others.
In this regard, we have to write group project, and group is assigned by our professor. The group project, which the group was to write on, was discussed and after noting and considering issues about given topic and cultural genre. My part was to ensure cultural issues are considered in transplant patient. This group work required a lot of support, since every member in the group was new and very innocent in the fact that no one had familiarized himself/ herself with group project.
Quality of Collaboration and Level of Contribution
It is important to understand that the primary requirement was that every individual should put in full efforts and very quality to bring out the best projects. In this regard as a group member, my job is to ensure that I participates and that cultural awareness is addressed well in the group project. I bring in my own personal background into this subject as I have experienced more than one culture. It is focused…

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