The 7 Aspects Of Health

I never really knew how to deal with my wellness or the 7 aspects of health until entering this class. I knew about 3-4 of my 7 health components, but I never took it as seriously as I should have. Mental, emotional and physical health are the ones that remain at the top of my list as the most important, I learned more about those 3 out of 7 components of my wellness. There are more components that make up my wellness, and I have learned so much more than I expected when taking this class. A lot of the health factors for my overall wellness will pretty much be the same number, but have very different meanings on why I rated myself that way.
The first one that I knew, and know pretty well, is physical health. For physical health, I gave myself
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I rated myself a 3 out of 4 for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons I did not give myself a 4 is because I suffer from a learning disability and bad anxiety. The learning disability affects how much I pay attention in class, to friends, family, everything. It gets hard for me to pay attention, especially towards the end of the school year because of all the anticipation people start to get when summer is almost here. Mental health also means a lot to me because my grandma on my mother’s side suffers from bipolar disorder and so does my uncle from that side, and my great grandmother that is my grandmother’s mother had bipolar and depression, which eventually led to my great grandmother’s suicide. Giving myself a 3 out of 4 is not that bad, but the learning disability I suffer from keeps me from achieving my goal of being good and healthy in my mental state.
In spiritual health, I rated myself another 3. I rated myself a 3 because I haven’t been living up to the morals and values I have had in the past. This is partly because the morals and values I once had been before my schedule with high school and balancing everything became a struggle. I have little morals and values left, and I am working on getting all of my morals and values that I had freshman year back, and to try to be more positive and a better me with my spiritual

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