Reflection Paper On Police Officers

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This class has taught me a lot about how to write papers the correct way in all forms because when I first started the class I had explained to you my problems I have with writing papers like: where to put my punctuation marks, my papers be short from the required length, and straying off topic in my paper. So I am glad to say that while in English I have improved my skills a lot in those three things, and that is all to the amazing English Teacher you are you helped me out a lot with breaking the papers down so we could have time to do the paper, and understand the topic that we was assigned to write on. In the career I am hoping to go into is the police field during this English class I was able to research everything I needed to know about police officers to see would this be the right job for me later on in the future, and from everything I it seems like this would be the job for me, the police departments main thing today is to keep their police officers safe at the end of the day so that they will all go home safe to their families, and children so that is a very good thing that the police departments do that means that they really care about the police officers that …show more content…
But overall all those writing assignments have taught me how to think outside of the box when writing so you will always have a backup plan when something does not go right when you writing your papers, I have multiple times where when writing my papers I have got stuck, and had to change my whole idea just so my paper would make sense, and be a good paper. That’s why it is always best to brain storm your ideas before you just up, and start writing it will help you out a lot in the long run because you will be organized, and

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