Essay On Police Militarization

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Police Militarization Good or Bad After watching “Do Not Resist” by Craig Atkinson and reviewing some articles the class realized that the police are not trained on how to use the military equipment, but yet they are given this equipment. We are just now learning about how the police are gaining all these supplies and how they are not being trained on how to use it but why are we just now hearing about all this. In the article “Trump Endorses Militarization of Police…”, John Haltiwanger mentions “The transfer of extra weapons and gear from the military to local police began via the 1033 program” (par. 16). That program was developed way back in 1989 but now some have a different view on what kind of equipment the police officers should …show more content…
She thinks that the police will need all these tools in case of emergency. Jaelyne agrees with Rachel Tecott and Sara Plana in the article “Maybe U.S police aren’t militarized enough”, when they say “The soldier and the police officer share a responsibility to exercise that authority to use deadly force with discipline, guided always by respect for human life, even when their own lives are in danger” (par. 3). After reading this quote, she said that police should be given these materials because they are here to protect us and they are willing to risk their lives for us. This helps her back up that the police might need these equipments to help them in a situation that gets out of hand. She believes that the police are guardians, but warriors when they need to be. Police are here to protect us, so we should give them all the equipment they will need to protect us and themselves. Jaelyne makes a point when she says that we cannot protect ourselves the way the police can with all these equipment because if we did we would go to jail. I agree that Jaelyn makes a few good points on why to support police

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