The Brutalityity Of Police Brutality

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There is two questions that people in united states government need to ask themselves about the brutality of the everyday police officers that are supposed to just be patrolling streets and catching criminals that do not need to be on the streets.The first question that they need to ask themselves asks if normal citizens that comment crimes big or little, are at risk of the horrible police mistreatment and misconduct like electrocution,mock executions,waterboarding, and some more brutal things like asphyxiating with plastic bags,beatings and even rapings by the police officers that are supposed to protect all citizens of each and every town or city that is in the country of the united states not hurt them, but no one goes by the rules these …show more content…
The government has many ways of letting cops get out of trouble, like the victims that can’t afford an attorney is appointed one by the judge and usually it is probably very cheap and not very good their job.This way the government knows that the police officer will win by a landslide and really the victim has no one to help him or her because all the government cares about is their officers.In some cases the lawyer could be friends with the cop and would not even try to help the victim that they are supposed to defend,not just let them lose just because they are friends and the lawyer probably does not even know the victim.They should care more about victims or at least try to pretend that they care about this victim of police brutality.Most women that get raped suffer from depression and are really embarrased because of the situation that they are in and then the judge gives them a horrible lawyer and the victim will realize that no one cares about them all they care about is saving the police officer that committed the unbearable crime from going to prison or a more likley punishment,from getting fired from the police force that he or she had to train very hard to get in.These men or women that are being are being crook police officers aore taking way to much trust from these citizens that they are supposed to be there for when something bad happens to them that is bad enough where someone has to call them,which in some cases people call for dumb reasons and try to get people i n trouble over nothing.The less and less that judges care about victims the more crook police officers or other wise known as criminals that are getting put back on the street to commit more crimes and to make more victims of police brutality.Police officers don’t just abuse citizens they also buse animals that seem to show the littlest amount of anger or agrssion towards them.In some cases this would be okay but not in most caes in which no police brutality is could and evryonr in

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