My Personality Assessments

Knowing yourself and understanding why you are the way you are will not only help you be a better leader in your professional life but will also help you be a better person in your personal life as well. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and knowing what those are will only make you a stronger leader. I’m still young and new to leadership, and I am still learning what my leadership style is and redefining it as I understand different styles and how they work. The personality assessments only helped better define some of what I already knew about myself.

According to the Jung Typology Test, I am “ENFJ” type personality. This is extraverted, intuitive, feeling and judging. According to Jung Typology, this means my energy is
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First, my emotional stability or my “tough-mindedness” tends to not be so high. I often wear my heart on my sleeve and let smaller things bother me. I understand that this will improve with maturity and experience but right now I need to work on not always letting my emotions control the situation. I need to learn to take a minute and process all information before reacting. Another weakness is the fact that I tend to get bored easily. I often have a short attention span; I think this comes from being Type A personality. This affects all part of my life, not just my professional life. How I handle it in my personal life is that I try to break down larger mundane tasks into smaller more obtainable tasks first. This concept can also be applied to my professional life and leadership to help prevent me from getting bored and not accomplishing something. The next leadership weakness that I have come across is my ability to discipline others. I have a hard time with this but I also believe this will improve with maturity and experience. Right now, I am studying different discipline techniques and trying to find one that will fit with my personality and my leadership style. Being a good leader does not mean you don’t have weaknesses but instead it means knowing what those weaknesses are working on improving them. I hope during this program I will learn ways to improve my emotional stability, my tendency to get bored easily and how to better discipline others. While studying my personality traits and leadership traits I realized my leadership style is transformational more than any of the

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