First Year Reflection

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“First – Year Reflections” was written by Carl Sun and published by Peer Review. Sun attendant the University of Maryland as a student, when she wrote this article. As this was Sun’s first time experiencing college, she did not know what she was going to be facing; she thought everything was going to be smooth. But college took a different turn. Carl Sun was once an above average high school student. She was always known for getting straight A’s and nothing lower. But little did she know, the work she did in high school was not going to be the same in college. Sun entered college thinking she will not be facing any challenges. That everything she will be doing is going to be easy as pie. It was not until she done her first paper that she …show more content…
She enter college thinking she knew how everything was going to be, and the system under lock and key. But for her reality took a turn. It taught her that life is not as simple as it may seem, you are going to face challenges, and it is going to take a lot for you to over come them. I can relate to Sun’s experience, as this is my first year as a college semester. I would not say that the work load was challenging to deal with, because my high school prepared me for it. But I can say moving onto campus and having to share a dorm with three other students was a challenge. My roommates and I were different, so we do things different. Because things would not go the way I want, it would upset me, and I wish this year would be over with. However, I am learning how to share my space with others, and that in life you are not always going to get your way. One thing I miss about having my own room, is having all the space and privacy I can ask for. Other than that, I am enjoying my time on campus and the atmosphere I am …show more content…
She realized her time at the University of Maryland, is going to bring her positive and negative points. But, she states to incoming freshmen “to make lasting memories. Take chances. Be careful. Work hard. Learn in class and out of class. Open your mind. Take what comes at you for what it is. Most importantly, live the life you have been given while you are in college” (2). College is all about taking risks, learning who you are or who you want to be, and being able to face challenges. You are going to come across times where you just want to quite, but as college student, I would tell you to keep fighting. You did not come this far just to quite because the tough got going. When you fight and cross that finish line, you will be proud of yourself. Picture that day when you walk across stage and receive your degree, and that will help push yourself. Also, you may not like your roommates and sharing the dorm, but enjoy the time and get to connect with whoever you can. Trust me, you may never know how they can impact you in your near future. Keep your head up and have fun, college is not only about the work, but learning to enjoy the outside

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