How To Write A Reflection On Service Learning

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I chose to do my service learning for Y-Care. This organization provides before and after school programs for different schools. I was placed in a program at St. Joe Central Elementary School. I was there for two to three hours in the afternoons on Monday, for two months. This program offered after school care to students from grades kindergarten to fifth grade, which was taught my two different female teachers. On average there was between twenty-five and thirty students each day I was there. While participating in this program I was able to learn many different things. One of the things I learned was how to prepare and teach a lesson in a matter of minutes. There is a lesson presented to the kids each day to help them continue their learning from the school day. The second week I was there, I was handed the lesson for that day and asked to teach it. There may be times in my career where I …show more content…
I had expected to walk in and it be set up more like “daycare” verses a “school” setting. There instead, were a lot of rules and a lot of lesson plans that I wasn’t expecting. I also didn’t expect to be put in a situation that was so uncomfortable for me. I have worked in many different schools and with many different teachers and I have always gotten along and agreed with what they were doing even if it was in a different form than I may do things. This experience was completely different however. I didn’t enjoy the way the teachers treated the students and I didn’t enjoy the way they handled things, which was hard, and something I wasn’t expecting. I also wasn’t expecting to see the kind of disrespect and rude behavior from the students each day I was there. It was always a fight to get the kids to listen and I have never experienced that before. I didn’t feel like the students looked to the adults as their teachers and someone they were expected to respect, they instead just looked at them as another

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