Why Is College Important To Me

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Dave Carson’s talk to my public relations class really inspired me and gave me a different perspective on my life and what I 'm doing with it. What really caught my attention was how he talked about how Coe is a business and how that it’s preparing us for the rest of our lives. I have had some doubts about Coe this year, but him coming and speaking to us about how well Coe prepares you for the future and all the amazing opportunities Coe has really made me come to a conclusion that Coe is the right place for me. I loved how he talked about how most majors don 't determine what job you could have after college. There are so many possibilities and different directions you can go in with the different majors available here at Coe. That is one thing that scared me about choosing a major, because I felt like it determined the rest of my life. From Dave Carson’s talk, I realized that there are endless of possibilities and jobs out there and it doesn 't necessarily matter what specific major you 're in, you can do anything and everything if you believe in yourself and take all the opportunities Coe has given you. The quote “You will miss 100% of the shots you don 't take” is a quote that I also really like. He talked about how this quote is an essential part of being in college taking risks, and …show more content…
There are no specific changes I have towards Coe College as a whole that I can think of that have really stuck out to me. I think Coe is amazing academically, socially, and just an all around great school to go to and graduate from. I really don 't have any complaints besides something as small as the food. That’s literally all I would like to see change. Having more healthy options, and more of a variety would be a good thing to see implemented, but other than that I really do love it here. I’m happy my decision to come here and I can’t wait for the next couple years here and taking all the opportunities Coe has to offer

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