Reflection Paper: Hi Dr. Astheimer

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Hi Dr. Astheimer,

This is Fyonn. I would like to keep you updated with my up-to-date experiences for the Letter of Recommendation of the Medical School applications.

Research Experience I was busy with my job as a research laboratory assistant working for my principal investigator, Mariana Pereira, for the past few months at UMass. It was a purely privilege for me to work with rats in the lab since I love animals very much. In the lab, I frequently utilize the knowledge I learned in your PSYCH 330H class, which I really appreciate your teaching methods because they really reinforced my learning throughout the class by having detailed explanations of every important topic. In this semester, I spent about 17 hours a week working in the lab ensuring the rats' health, organizing data files, and analyzing the research results. It is an
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Holyoke College due to the UMass Amherst EMT course cancellation at the beginning of the semester. It is a hassle for me commuting back and forth from UMass to Mount. Holyoke College during the week, but the result is rewarding that I can practice in the pre-hospital medical field after completing the national registry exam. It is intriguing to experience the medical field as an EMT student. I implemented the knowledge of psychology in this course sometimes by understanding the possible patient's mental status and applying appropriate treatments accordingly. It is interesting to find many relevant psychological points throughout this course about the brain although they are not discussed in depth. This course also reinforced my knowledge about neurosciences. Although I struggled a bit to get enough passes at every Thursday skills nights in order to pass the course, I am joyful that I learned a lot about the human anatomy, basic life-saving techniques, and morality/ethics of working in the medical field as a

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