Reflective Essay: What I Learned In Basic Medical Science

In my first semester of college, I have been exposed to so much and I have learned so much. Learning Basic Medical Science has allowed me to learn a variety of new things that I had never even heard of before or done before like immunohistochemistry, solving case studies, and T1/T2 translational research.
Immunohistochemistry was really interesting and complex. At first, I overlooked it because I thought it was my over my head and not applicable to me at the moment. Then, over time I noticed that we talked about it several class periods, so clearly it had some significance to us currently. I was excited to hear from upper medical students that it is something to be exposed to early because it is used and talked about it many areas of basic science research.
Solving case studies was applicable because as I was learning about different systems in anatomy I was able to apply that knowledge in what seemed like the closest thing to a “differential diagnosis” situation for a year one medical student.
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Previously, I did not understand why differential diagnosis was used over just straight testing and getting the results. However, since the human body is so complex structurally and functionally, it is more efficient to rule out all other possible ailments when conducting a diagnosis instead of choosing one because of a few leading signs. My attitude toward medicine is positive one. I like the field and what it has offer. I am excited for the future of medicine and excited to be a part of it. However, throughout the semester my attitude on a few subjects has actually changed. I used to have different opinions about radiology, learning basic medical science, and research before getting more exposure and knowledge to different topics during this

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