Reflection on Workbased Learning Essay

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Within the context of this essay I will focus on a clinical skill in which I have achieved and demonstrated competency in practice. I will utilize the Gibbs [1988] six stage reflective cycle in order to reflect on my personal experience from the work based learning module. I will examine my thoughts, feelings and evaluate and analyse the rationale of why I have developed my particular clinical skill and the benefits of this to the patient, service and role development.
Reflection is characterized as learning through experience towards gaining new insights or changed perceptions of self and practice [Boud et al, 1985, Boyd and Fales, 1983, Schon, 1987.] Burns and Bulman [2000,] Redmond [2004] and Bulman and Schutz [2004] believe that
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After patient handover I discussed my learning objectives with Jenny and provided her with my competency booklet along with my learning agreement. In order to achieve competency in intermittent catheterisation I needed to perform the procedure of intermittent catheterisation under clinical supervision. The Nursing and Midwifery Council [2008] define competency as “possessing the skills and abilities required for lawful, safe and professional practice without direct supervision.” Furthermore, it is vital that nurses have accredited and appropriate training, supervision and assessment by an experienced member of staff [Skills for Care and Development 2009, Kozier 2008.]
The outcomes formulated from my discussion with Jenny were that I needed to put my underpinning knowledge in intermittent catheterisation into practice ensuring that I prepare resources and equipment correctly, carry out the procedure using aseptic technique efficiently and to record the nursing intervention in the patients care plan.
The second stage in the Gibbs [1988] reflective model asks that I should take my feelings into account asking myself to remember how I felt at the start of the event, how I was feeling as the day unfolded, how did the actions of others make you feel and how did I feel about the outcome of the event. I remember

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