Precision, Technical Reasoning, And Confluence Learning Pattern Analysis

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Taking this class has been the true definition of Learning. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford. That was the quote I referred to the first week of class. It meant learning is a constant mind stimulant that involves a Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence Learning Pattern. Sequence is learning well with labels, alphabetical, or organization. Precision is understanding with exact information, and not feeling the need to skim while reading, rather you read all of the detailed aspects of the assignment given. Technical Reasoning is a Learning Pattern that you tend to enjoy problem solving, building, or doing things hands on to experience what is going …show more content…
The strategies I used specifically for this course became more and more intentional as the weeks went on. With reading material, I made sure it was always quiet and my phone was turned on silent and flipped over so my mind could push through for the hour and really focus on what the conclusion of the material was. There were a couple of times I had been lazy and the Chapter Quizzes were getting harder to do because I was skimming and rushing through the information I needed to retain. With the Discussions, I have always enjoyed those because they were organized and arranged in a way my brain could function and finish the assignment with a better grasp of that Week that I was Learning about. I definitely finished the Discussions first before any other homework I had. The assignments were mainly Precision and Confluence leading them to be more fun and challenging because I knew there was going to be an analytical aspect that we would need exact information and our own opinions to tie together. I made sure they were done last actually because I needed to re-read (which is new for me) and highlight exact information before I could even glance at the Assignment. And the quizzes were fun because I would take them right after I did my Discussions and had highlighted so the information was clear in my mind. I took advantage of my strengths the moment I noticed what I needed to work on. I …show more content…
I will take each assignment and aim higher for my awareness in my Learning Pattern and decode what is being asked of me.
Reflecting on the past five weeks I am amazed at how much I could learn about learning, intentionally learning. I enjoyed the applications we openly had within ourselves and others. There was a lot of encouragement as well as feedback. After Week 3 I got a little frustrated because I felt it was a little repetitive, but then I wouldn 't have learned as much if it weren 't for reading, processing, and applying. I am more excited about school than I ever have been.
I know what I am doing and have an idea on how to exceed expectations when I have never understood how some people are so confident in their study abilities, decoding is something that I will perfect, along with the word wall. I didn 't have expectations, but I think this class is crucial for anyone even if you aren 't in school. I have learned how to communicate better with people and to decode my translations of things like directions or stories, it was a life changing

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