Reflection On Personal Goals

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Personal Goals
What are your personal goals in this course? Be sure to include learning goals, practice goals, knowledge, and values, and also your educational goals related to completing your degree.

Personal Goals in this Course Personal goals include having the confidence in my abilities, obtaining the knowledge that is needed for being an effective leader, obtaining the skills and tools necessary for leading groups and gaining competence once I am doing an internship, and an understanding of the core values that are essential in social work practice. When reflecting on personal goals I feel that I have accomplished many short-term goals and long-term goals on my educational journey so far, however, each step gives me encouragement to
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Goals have a greater chance of being effective when certain criteria are met such as “the goals are clear, operationally defined, and measurable, members set goals that are relevant, attainable, meaningful, and acceptable, personal and group goals can be attained by the same activities and tasks, the goals are viewed as challenging and have a moderate risk of failure, resources are available to accomplish the tasks, there is high coordination among group members and the group members maintain a cooperative rather than competitive atmosphere” (Zastrow, 2015, …show more content…
I enrolled in 2015 and started on my educational journey once again, however, at this point I am now considering if I should continue on with my Master’s Degree because I want to be a licensed clinical social worker. However, there are many things to consider before making this decision such as do I have the energy to continue on or should I just wait, however, if I wait then I may never do it and if I do not will I be satisfied stopping where I am? The questions keep coming, however, I have not absolutely made up my mind what to do because I feel that I just need to take a long break and start working in the field and see where it takes me. It has been a long journey going to college and I have achieved a dream that I never thought I would accomplish at the age of 52 and I now see that the sky is the limit and that anything is possible if you work hard enough to achieve it! Only time will tell where I will end up, however, I do know that in my heart that I can achieve my Master’s Degree, but I need the energy and dedication to follow through and at this time I am just to

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