Learning Challenges Of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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1. Where am I in relation to the learning goal(s) I established for myself for this course?
The three main learning goals I established for this course was to gain self-awareness and examine ethical issues that arises in mental health practice, learn interventions and evidenced-based practices that I can incorporate when engaging my clients, and to heighten my knowledge of cultural disparities in mental health. Ultimately, I wanted to feel and identify professional and personal growth after completing this course. I believe I exceeded my learning expectation.
I have been working in the mental health field for 5 years. I was often faced with ethical issues; however, they were either overlooked due to what the agency considers as “norms” and
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This course was its first introduction to me. DBT provided me with the insight on why the CBT approach wasn’t necessarily the best practice when dealing with clients whom suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and their suicidality. Also, the presentation on “Loss/Grief” put things in perspective for me personally and professionally. When dealing with the veteran population, loss has been identified as a huge barrier for them to move forward in life. I was provided an understanding how the precipitating event of one loss can excavate other losses. In other words, “loss recapitulates …show more content…
In relation to medications, I mentioned in class that I have a number of clients who are not adhering to their medication regiment. As the professor stated, “There is a good reason why they are not taking their medications.” I found that side effects and the stigmatization are two leading reasons my client’s chooses not to comply with medications. I believe becoming educated about medications and their side effects can assist me with showing more empathy when discussing medications with clients and igniting better communication with prescribing doctors. In addition, I want to be more aware of what medications are used to treat a particular

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