Reflection On Life Experience In My High School English Class

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When I began to prepare for this class I did not know what to expect. Originally, I thought that there would be a lot of reading with critical thinking questions to go along with it. This is probably because my high school English classes were structured in a similar way. However, because of this course, and the reading material that went along with it, I have made many improvements to my writing. There are three main improvements that stand out. First, I realized I needed to add more detail and imagery to my writing. Second, I learned how to take life experiences and spin them into a relevant topic that I could research. Finally, I have at last figured out how to write a fairly effective concluding paragraph. These three improvements have made the writing process a lot smoother, and made my final draft that much better. As I mentioned, the first way my writing has improved over the course of the semester is I realized that I needed to add more imagery and details to my paragraphs. Even though I know what the scene is supposed to look like in my mind, I sometimes forgot that readers couldn’t read my mind as well as my writing. If you were to go back and look at some of my high school essays, …show more content…
This was accomplished by reflecting on life experiences. Learning how to take a life experience and turn it into a relevant research project improved my writing in a somewhat roundabout way. By researching something that is relevant to me, I was more excited to do the research itself. Before this, I would get all kinds of ideas about what I wanted research, but they never seemed to fit the prompt or topic. Now that I have used the below life experience, from the This I Believe (or don’t) assignment, to decide on the research topic of sometimes it is okay to fail, I can use the same process in future classes and writing

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