How To Write A Personal Reflection Of The Musical

Overall I thought the experience of The Musical of Musicals (the Musical!) was unique because of how they had the stage configured as a thrust with some audience members sitting on stage. Before the show began Brittney Hines who was the audience concierge came over to the group of people I came with and asked us our favorite musicals which was a nice touch. Although I have had the opportunity to see many musicals performed live or the movie versions, of the musicals mentioned I only understood the references from The Phantom of the Opera. It would have made the play more enjoyable had I understood all the references but, it was still entertaining. The acting style was presentational; when they actors and actresses were singing and speaking they gave looks and gestures. The pacing for the play was very appropriate because each act took the same plot and fit it to a specific musical. This means the play needed to move along quickly to keep it from being boring which it did. I liked the fact that the story was slightly different every time and …show more content…
That being said I would thoroughly enjoy going to see this play again after seeing all of the original performances and then being able to compare it to The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) because I would fully understand all the references being made. This plays defiantly could have been performed without an intermission and I think it would be nice to see it done that way because it’s not a long play. But I feel if there wasn’t an intermission in the play people would have to get up and go to the bathroom during it which would be distracting because of how the seating was set up. Overall I think this was a good production to be put on by Longwood because even though I hadn’t seen all the plays mentioned it was still a comedic production that I would see

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