How To Write A Reflective Essay On What I Learned In English Class

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At the beginning of this semester, I was starting my senior year in highschool and my mother wanted me to take English Composition 1 as a dual credit class. I was very nervous and did not want to take this class. I have never been a very good writer, and I have never liked to write, especially not essays. I tried to talk my mother out of making me take the class, but my effort was useless. She was dead set on me taking the class. Furthermore, I started the class not knowing very much about English due to the lack of teachers in my career. However, as the class went on, I discovered that I knew a little more about writing than I thought I knew. Also, Mrs. Garth was an amazing teacher to help me through where I struggled. Throughout the year, …show more content…
While trying to finish up my first paper, I became stumped on what to write about in my conclusion. I knew I was supposed to write about what I talked about in my paper, but I just could not get the words to come to my head. After an hour of thinking, I then turned to Mrs. Garth for help once again. I went to her office and told her than I needed help writing my conclusion, so we sat down and opened my paper. She read my paper; it was about a family vacation that I went on. After reading it, she told me that my first sentence should be a summary of the major point I talked about in my paper.. After I finished that sentence, she told me to reflect back on my vacation and tell how I felt about it. She said to me, “A conclusion is two parts, summary and reflection.” That has stuck with me throughout this year and I have grew in my conclusion writing struggle. Although I dreaded this class, it was not too bad. I actually discovered that I had a couple strengths in writing. However, I had weaknesses too, but my wonderful teacher Mrs. Garth was there to help me through them. Looking back, I am glad I took this class in high school with Mrs Garth instead of waiting until I got to college. Now, I am dreading Composition 2 next

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