Reflection Of The Class 102 Taught Me Essential Components Of Becoming A Strong Writer

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Reflective Essay The class LIBA 102 taught me essential components of becoming a strong writer. This class helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses when writing essays, research papers, and other pieces. We had several different assignments that helped me figure out the areas that I thought I succeed in and the areas that I believed I needed to work on. I believe that I have work to do before I will be completely satisfied with my writing skills, but with time and practice I am fairly confident in my abilities to become an even stronger writer. This class helped me grow as a writer, but there were certain things that I did struggle with. At the beginning of this course our class was informed that we were going to watch a television show called The Wire. We were assigned two episodes to watch before each time we came to class. After we watched the episodes we were required to write a discussion post on the episodes we viewed. These discussion posts were due at twelve in the afternoon before every day that we had class. The posts usually consisted of about paragraph or two. The discussions made us think critically about what we watched and analyze certain scenes. It made us look at the show on a microscopic level rather than a broad level. We criticized parts of the show that we were not fond of, parts that we loved, and we argued why we had certain opinions. This was something that I thought that I succeeded in, because I enjoyed the episodes and I liked to write…

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