Room 1109 Theatre Review

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January 19th at precisely two in the afternoon, I found myself sitting in Dunham Hall room 1109, better known as the Choral Room. Within that one room radiated a warm, lively, and vibrant atmosphere. One room filled with a handful of friendly faces all shouting out their joy and encouragement to their friends and bandmates. It was in room 1109 that I experienced the smooth rhythmic sounds that gave me a new appreciation for Jazz. Let us begin with the piece I disliked the most out of the five that were performed. I unfortunately do not know the title of the piece, but I do know it was performed by Adaron Jackson Group. The performance consisted of the following instruments: vocal, alto, tenor, piano, bass, and guitar. The piece began …show more content…
The piece had a faster tempo than the pervious piece they had performed. Unlike the first piece, the vocals opened the piece, later joined by the other instruments. In this piece the drums were more present with louder beats instead of softer ones. You really don’t notice the bass all that much in either of the pieces, but you do notice the guitar a whole lot more in the second piece than you do the first. What led the piece was the vocals, drums, and guitar, while they were accompanied by the tenor, bass, and piano. The piece made me smile and sway along as it continued to progress. The feelings of happiness filled me and made me imagine I was in a small town on a warm bright sunny day, walking down the street smiling and greeting everyone as I pass. This groups performance was by far my favorite from the entire convocation. There’s not much I would change about their performance other than maybe a little more piano, but for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed what they presented. Honestly, I probably will not be attending another jazz convocation is I don’t have to, because it really is not my cup of tea and quite frankly bores me. However, I have developed a greater appreciation for jazz that I hope many others will

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