The Importance Of Success In College

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Success is defined as the accomplishment of a aim or purpose. I feel that there can be many different types of success. Whether its in a sporting event or simply losing a minuscule amount of weight that you have been aiming to lose, success is a very important thing. In my eyes, success in college is most important. What does success in college mean to me? Success in college means to me the ability to be able carry myself through this world with skills and knowledge that I learned here at the University of Akron. I am putting thousands of dollars or more in my schooling to benefit my future, but I mostly aim to be capable of making it through adulthood without having to depend on my parents for financial help.
Success cannot be taught to you, you have to have what it takes inside of you to want to be the best that you can possibly be.
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All of the projects and assignments that we did all had a goal. The goal was, every assignment that we completed should have been able to be taken out of class and applied in your every day life as a college student. Many of the assignments we did in class I found to be very helpful. Project #1 was an "All About Me Reflection", in this assignment you had to write a one page summary about yourself and turn it in. I found this to be very useful because it made you open up about yourself to your professors. I feel that it is very important to have a connection like that with at least one of your professors, so if you ever need any help you feel like you have that dependable professor to talk to. Project #3,4 were also very valuable because they helped me for all throughout my first semester. I would set a weekly goal and each day I would break down into time slots that way I was for sure going to get my goal for the week completed. I did this for the whole semester and I found it very valuable to me because I didn’t feel as stressed out about

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