Reflection Of Readin Reading Strategies In Oakland Community College

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Graduating as a senior from North Branch High School in Michigan and playing volleyball, winning a state title has led me to Oakland Community College as a freshman student athlete. I have made and met some goals and still trying to accomplish goals. A goal of mine is to get some kind of degree in psychology or occupational therapy; I have not yet picked exactly what I want to do. Coming into college and still struggling with grammar frightened me. I did not know how this semester would turn out; but now hitting near the end of this semester I have made a lot of improvement in my grammar, especially with comma splices, but still have a lot of work to be consistent in finding the run-ons and comma splices that are in my essay by reading what I have wrote more carefully. …show more content…
Annotating or taking notes in the book to help me identify where some important ideas or information is in the book and to keep things organized with my thoughts on how I feel about that section. Also writing summaries at the end of chapters to make sure I really do understand what I was reading. I have been applying my reading strategies in English 1060, psychology 2510, and to read for fun. I have used these strategies in English 1060 by reading the book(s) that are required for the class. In psychology 2510 they are used when reading the textbook to see if everything makes sense. Reading for fun, these strategies are used in order for me to understand what is going on and if the book is being read

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