Reflection Of My Writing Process Essay

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Reflection of My Writing Process
As I glanced over my college courses, I found ENG-122 to be the most intimidating class. I felt like I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been because I had no previous college level experience. During the last eight weeks I now feel as though I have developed a strong sense of knowledge in English and writing. I feel like I have learned so much in such a short period of time and it has built confidence in my writing skills. Looking back on the beginning of the class, my grades have done nothing but improve.
Also this course I have learned about what types of essays there are and how to write them. I know how important and strong your thesis makes your essay. Also how to write an essay for whatever your audience is. Before I would have not have done these steps in doing any assignment. Now with proper revision and proofreading, it can make the world of a difference.
Also in this course we learn about visual organizers to help build our essays, the thing I do is ask myself questions to build the paragraphs for my essay as I stated in discussion board five “After reviewing the information provided for the visual organizer in this module, I think I will stay with what I know. I have tried the boxes and my ideas seem to scatter everywhere. I am also not that familiar with regular outlining, it did look interesting to incorporate into my methods though. The method that I use is basically just asking questions and answering them as I go, and in…

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