Reflection: The Three Intasc Standards

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Throughout the course, EDCI 205, I have written three main papers. The first paper was an educational autobiography, the second paper was about my educational philosophy, and the last paper was over my field experience. While writing these papers, I thought about the InTASC standards related to each one of my papers. The three InTASC standards that relate to all of my papers and what I believe is the three most import InTASC standards is standard three, standard four, and standard nine.
Standard three is about learning environments, meaning that it is important to have a safe environment and having a class that is open to discussions. It is also important for a teacher to build a relationship with their students because that will make the students feel more comfortable and safe in the classroom.
In my educational
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Not all students learn the same, therefore that is why I believe that you cannot teacher every child the same.
My field experience also relates to standard one because during my field experience, the classroom I was in the teacher did not address that students learned different ways. The teacher lectured to the classroom, while the students followed by filling out a worksheet. While I was sitting in the classroom and helping, I did not believe that this was the most affective way to teach all the students. Addressing students different learning developments is important to the success of all the students.
Standard nine is about professional learning and ethnical practice. It is basically saying that teachers learn from their prior experiences in a classroom, whether that comes from actually teaching or just observation. It is specially focusing on the experiences with students and community. By learning from experiences, it will help teachers become the very best they can

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