Inductive Bible Study Summary

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David L. Thompson presented such a firm beginning foundation on the idea of inductive Bible study through his book Bible Study That Works. In his book, the readers are able to learn how to deepen their knowledge in the Bible and study the Bible thoroughly instead of simply studying about the Bible. This paper will discuss what I understand to be Thompsons basic view on Bible study, what I learned about effective Bible study that I did not know before, which aspect of effective Bible study will be most challenging for me, and will close with the current level of motivation I personally have as we begin diving into inductive Bible studies.
Inductive Bible study is defined in our text as “an approach to inquiry in which students learn by examining the study themselves and drawing their own conclusions..” (Thompson, p. 12). I believe that Thompson’s goal here is to examine the Bible for himself and to encourage us to examine it for ourselves instead of relying on something we hear in class, church or read in a Christian book. I see Thompson's view on Bible study as a simple task to rely solely on the Bible and not on people. In the opening of chapter 2, Thompson informs us that reading Scripture should not be about memorization but should be tuned to understand and live out God’s
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Although, I am a bit intimidated just from listening to previous students talk about it. I love reading Scripture and I make it one of my very top priorities so I am hopeful that this inductive Bible study method will challenge me and help me study the Bible of a deeper level than I have in the past. This paper discussed the text Bible Study That Works while focusing on what I personally believe to be Thompson's view of effective Bible study, what I have learned, what aspect of this method is going to challenge me the most, and how motivated I am to indulge in the inductive Bible study

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