Packer Knowing God Summary

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Knowing God is a influential evangelical book by James Innell Packer and holds to be the authors best-known work. Packer was an Oxford graduate who was influenced greatly by another famous Christian author, C. S. Lewis, and eventually committed his life to Christian service where he spent a brief times teaching in different places and eventually ended up back in Oxford to study theology, then later he became the Regent College Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology in 1996. Soon after receiving this title Packer began his writing of Knowing God and it became a great success, much due to his previous lengthy experience in Christian studies.
In the book Knowing God, by J.I. Packer the author breaks the book into three main sections Know the Lord, Behold Your God! and lastly, If God Be for Us. The first main section, Know the Lord, begins with Packer explaining “Study of God,” which is theology and here he explains the importance of it; also he writes on the objections to studying theology that some people have. Packer stated “Disregard the study of God, and you
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Though, through my reading of this book I have come to the conclusion that Packers main topic and theme is just the basics of who God is and he brings clarity on theological truths that have an eternal impact on our lives and that this was in the first section one of the book, in “The Study of God.” Knowing God systematically spells out who God is and how we can know him in a biblical framework. The idea of doctrine is key, but not the core; the core is Christ, as intermediated to us predominantly through reflection on the Bible and attention to the Holy

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