Reflection On Brampton City Curfew

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Brampton City Curfew By-law Reflection (Committee Members)

Please answer the following questions. Please make sure to answer the questions in full sentences.

What is your opinion of the Council’s decision? Explain. (1 mark)
I believe that the decision that the Council made would benefit everyone in one way or another even though many people do not agree. This decision is very wise and this would protect the student’s safty and their education. Although the curfew extension during school hours was not passed I am still very happy about the overnight curfew law being passed.

Those of you who presented to City Council, what do you think the best part of your presentation was and why? How would you change your presentation to improve it for next time? (3 marks)
I believe that our presentation was presented very well, although we could have done much better if there was more time. I believe that the best part of our presentation would be the statics and the really life incidents that occurred in our city to prove that having this curfew could protect the safety and the education of many students. I would change this presentation to fit the time limit since I did not get to say everything that I had prepared.

Imagine this decision was made
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When presenting you must have a clear loud voice since everyone needs to hear you say your ideas and thoughts on the discussion. Another major skill you would need is time management since you have a certain time limit when talking about your thoughts and perspectives on the discussion. Another major skill you will need is teamwork since you need to work as a group to come up with ideas and information. Having these skills is very necessary when presenting your ideas and thoughts to the city

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