Reflection Of Being An Education Leader As An Educational Leader

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Reflecting on yourself can be hard when you’re having to find faults in yourself but, this exercise it critical when making improvements. The reflective process used in this internship has allowed me to looked at different assessments throughout the program and see what knowledge was gained from each one. Along with knowledge gained it also allowed me to see the challenges throughout the experience and what are ways I can do as an education leader to improve in those areas. The overall experience allowed me to see what I learned and what areas I can improve on when I’m in the role of an educational leader. Allowing me to reflect after each activity forces me to be detailed in my work. As a teacher reflecting on our work is something we do on a daily basis. After each lesson we teach we do a self-reflection in order to grow as a teacher and improve lesson. This practices can be stressful but I am grateful for this reflections when dealing with different aspects of the job. Keeping the reflections on file will also allow me to have something to look over when I take on my new role as an education leader. Understanding my strengths and weakness were another beneficial use for the reflective summaries. As an educator is very important to utilize are strengths and work on our …show more content…
Des Arc is a small community and most students come from a low socioeconomic family. Local funding and out of school activities is lacking in the town. As this problem may not seem like a concern of the school, as a educational leader it has to become one. Working alongside the Chamber of Commerce can give your students different avenues that the school cannot do on their own. In most towns they have local resources that can assist the school in many ways throughout the school year. Finding this local resources and building relationships with community members can give students a better

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