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To demonstrate my understanding of the CHYS 2P15 materials and reflections, I will be drawing on both of my CLIOs. Through explaining my CLIOs, I will be reflecting on normalized school experiences and applying them through the three major lenses in the child and youth studies field, which are developmental, exceptionalities, and sociocultural lenses. I will also bring the experience to a broader context where the incident will be brought outside of the field, and it will look at how it affects the larger structures. To end my paper, I will explain what I have learned from the modules and my CLIOs. Through this paper, I hope to apply my understanding of the materials to my service-learning experiences to make the most out of my placement. …show more content…
In my first CILO, I used an experience where I observe my placement teachers in the classroom, teaching rhymes through activities. I used this as a reflection because teaching is regular and normal in a classroom, and I had never thought of it as a learning experience. However, I saw the ways that the teacher interacts with the class, and I realize that these aspects in a classroom that seem simple are not as easy as it seems. For instance, although children were loud during the lessons, they are still learning, and it was evident that they do retain the materials from the lessons. Coming from Hong Kong, I was taught that a classroom should always be quiet and the students should always be listening to the teacher. However, this experience allows me to reflect on both systems and realize that even when the classroom is quiet, it does not mean the students are learning when they are not applying the learned materials.
In CHYS 1F90 and reviewed again in this course, we learned about the three major lenses in the field. The developmental lens is the theories that look different aspects of children through their journey of growing up (D. Zinga, personal communication, September 26, 2016). Through the developmental
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I was asked to ignore a student’s crying when I was comforting her during “outside time” because she was known as a “drama queen.” I thought it was wrong to label a student during that time, and I was secretly upset at the teacher for the rest of the day. I thought of this as a critical learning experience because I could see the reflection playing a significant role in this event. Afterward, when I think about the event, I could see not only my own perspectives but also the teacher’s point of views and reasons as well. I was also able to reflect on my emotions controlling my behaviors which were inappropriate and unprofessional. This is a reason I describe myself as a learner in progress. There are a lot of aspects I do not understand about the Canadian educational system or a classroom in general. However, through these reflections practices, I am starting to be able to understand and think about the event in a broader

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