Post Project Reflection Report

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Post-Project Reflection
Sofie Tryggedsson Preetzmann
Colorado State University Post-Project Reflection
Group projects – either you love them or you hate them. In some ways, it can make your paper-writing easier because you get to hear other people’s opinions, and your share of the total outcome is usually small. In other ways, it can make your process of finishing your paper frustrating because you and your group members do not share the same thoughts. I think that during any group project, you will go through times with frustration and other times with enjoyment. It was the same case for me for this group project, and in this paper, I will go through what was successful and what could have been done better in our group.
The first thing that popped into my mind about what we did well as a group was our honesty with each other. Even though we did not know each other beforehand and did not really get to know each other during our time either, I think we did a good job in giving constructive critique to one another. Having English as my second language, I appreciate when people help me out with writing properly and make sure that everything is correct, and my group did that. We read through each other’s sections and gave feedback. Feedback could be something like; “this needs more clarification”, or “this is a really good
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Williams created a strategy for us by having our peers evaluating our performance in the group work. I had that in the back of my head for most parts. When a text was send out, I wanted to respond quick so my group members would think well of me. When giving responds to my group members’ sections, I wanted to be thorough and precise so they could see I put time and effort into our paper. By having that incentive, I did better, because I knew it would affect my grade. In the future, I will try to have that same determination and effort since it will better other’s thoughts about me, and hopefully it will make the project better

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