Reflection: How I Learned To Becoming A Better Writer

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Angel Gonzalez – D
My Reflection Essay Essay writing has never been a strength of mine, but during this semester I learned to become a better writer. With practice and proper instruction, the process of writing has become easier since I first began writing. During this semester I have discovered my strengths and weakness with the writing process, allowing me to organize and write concisely to the targeted audience. There are many influences that helped me achieve my goal of becoming a better writer and I believe that I am a better writer because of my attitude toward writing has changed, understanding my thought process, and the experienced that I gained throughout the semester. Before I began this semester, I was not interested
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It can either make you succeed at something, or it can make you fail miserably at that same thing. The composition process, for me, has been something that I have always had a negative outlook on. I did not like to write in a structured way, and I did not feel I was good at writing. The confidence I have gained in the process of taking this course is something that has helped me feel better about writing, and will continue to help me as I go on to accomplish my career goals. Writing can be fun, if you keep a positive attitude! There are many different types of writing that are used for different reasons, and to best portray certain things. I have learned several of these types during this course that I did not know, or did not fully understand before now. It is very important to know these different types, and to understand which style is best for the subject you are writing about. Writing a paper that is effective is also very important. I have read papers that may be great grammatically, but at the same time are very hard to understand. Writing to make the reader stay interested and tuned in to what the paper is trying to get across is a vital part of becoming a successful …show more content…
Then I turned it in and realized, in fact, that it was not a great paper. The final revision I submitted was nowhere near what I had started with on my first rough draft. Comparing that essay to the last essay I wrote is proof that I have learned so much about the writing process and how to become a more successful writer during this course. I am not a great writer by any means, but I have made progress and my attitude about writing has changed

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