Reflection Of My Essay

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Over the course of the year, I have definitely grown as a writer. At the beginning of the year my essay grades were extremely inconsistent. I did well on some essays but horrible on others. It was like shooting a basketball in the dark and hoping to make it. I focused on writing four paragraph essays --when it should have been five-- because I feared running out of time or writing unsatisfactory body essays. However, Mr. Koetzner worked with me to help make my work more concise and thus save more time. However, over the course of the year I began to become more confident in my writing, more specifically in analyzing the effect of my examples and reconnecting it to the thesis. After mastering this essential skill, my essay scores become more consistent and by the end of …show more content…
I tackled those essays incorrectly. Instead of analyzing the effect of the rhetoric on the audience on focused more on paraphrasing the quotes that I chose and explaining the meaning of the essay. This was not the focus of a rhetorical analysis essay. Also, I had many flaws structuring my essay, including not being concise, misidentifying the rhetorical devices, and many flaws in the structure of my topic sentences. For example, in the Florence Kelley essay, the first essay of the year, my topic sentence did not sufficiently set up the body paragraph for the rhetorical device that the paragraph focused on. During the middle of the year I began to focus more on analyzing the quotes I chose rather than paraphrasing them, but still, my rhetorical analysis essays contained only two body paragraphs as time was a major obstacle that I had to overcome. But by the end of the year, I mastered an efficient way of finding the rhetorical devices faster as well as being more concise in areas such as the introductory and concluding

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