Reflection: Audience and Team Teach Essay

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For the purpose of my reflection I have chosen to use Gibbs (1988) Model of Reflection. More commonly used in the healthcare profession I have chosen Gibbs because I find this model simple, clear and precise helping me to stay focused and make sense of my experience. Also as it includes action planning it has helped me examine my actions in a way that perhaps they can be improved. I have also chosen to reflect separately on the planning of the Team Teach and the Team Teach presentation.
1. Planning.
One of the planning sessions ended quite destructively as another team member began screaming and shouting at me in front of the other two members. At this time she was openly criticising me and the work I had
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Naturally I wanted things to go well but was unsure that the topic we chose would be suitable, interesting, and entertaining. More importantly that it met the criteria required for assessment. I did still have in my thoughts some of the comments made by another group member regarding my abilities and if I were honest these were playing on my mind. Afterwards my first thoughts were ‘thank goodness that’s over’ however in reflection I would admit to feeling impressed with my group (and myself) as I felt we had put together a good session.
Things went really well. Our topic did seem to capture the interest of the audience. In reading the feedback I was in a way quite surprised that many stated that we ‘worked well as a team’ and ‘pulled together’. This is a way was in conflict of how I initially felt after the incident described above however I knew as the session continued that we had got things right. The feedback received was very positive and identified that the audience could understand the content. This has given me confidence and the areas for improvement were constructively written.
In reading the feedback there are definite areas in which the sessions could have been improved. It is clear that to have even more participation from the audience we needed to be clearer with our instruction. It is sometimes all too easy to think that others know what you mean just because you do. Activity two could have been delivered in a different way to be

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