The Importance Of Writing A Paper

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I am a reader not a writer. I enjoy reading more than I enjoy writing. I would rather read than write any day. The reason I enjoy reading is because I can be in a different world just by reading words off a page. I can read for hours on end and never get bored. However, when it comes to writing I have a hard time finding words to put on the paper. I can write a research paper because I have a specific topic to write about and the paper is formulated. I know I need an introduction, body paragraphs with examples, and a conclusion. Yet, writing the paper is still not enjoyable. I see writing as brutal and time consuming. It is not that I struggle with writing it is just that it is overwhelming and has too many guidelines and rules. Before I write the paper, I have to plan out what I am going to write in an outline. Once I am done making the outline, I have to write a rough draft and proofread the paper. When I am done finding all of my mistakes I have to correct them. When I am done with essay I feel relieved but also drained. Many people enjoy writing and free writing but for me, free writing is my worst nightmare. I am not good at expressing myself in writing. Writing poetry, short stories, and journals have always …show more content…
We had to start reading our textbooks. Reading textbooks was very different for me as a child in school. There wasn’t a plot or characters and I would get bored easily. But having the guided reading questions and activities helped me stay focused and know what I was reading for. This carried on all the way until high school. The only thing that changed is what I grasped from the reading. In high school, I had to think more critically about my reading. For example in English class, we would have student led discussions about what we read the night before. These discussion groups helped me think in more detail about why an author did something or why a character did something in the

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