Estj Personality

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Writing this paper I was intrigued on the fact that your personality can say a lot about your career choices. Upon further investigation I was quite happy with what I uncovered about myself. Although it may not be exactly what I pictured, I”m very pleased with what I uncovered and I’m excited to share.
My passion of teaching was sparked in my senior year of highschool, where I took a class requiring me to spend hands on time with children ages 4-5. On a daily basis I would work with the children and develop relationships that I wouldn 't have if I did not take this class. Such activities I would work on with the children were reading books, puzzles, and social skills. When reading with children I would help them sound out the words, upon
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The quizzes that I rook to calculate my personality were interesting. I never would have thought that by just picking what you prefer from two words it would be able to distinguish between personality types. By taking the many tests I found that my personality type is ESTJ. This generally means that I am logical and apply this logic to people,places, and things. It also infers that people with this personality type are tough-minded goal setters and that these qualities will be rewarding upon completion of the task. Most importantly I found that with my personality, possible occupations include teaching. This reassured me that I was on the right path. As far the resilience test I found their testing method was rather questionable. Although my results were favorable telling me that I have “better than most” resilience their way of assessing me was rather different. To test for intelligence this test asked you a series of questions and you had to respond with a numerical number 1-5 and upon your answers they would tally your scores up. This was rather questionable to me because you could respond with a neutral agreement of 3, thus not really giving a definite answer. Regardless, I found that my resilience response was somewhat accurate. My results were “resilient than most” and my past experiences in life have proven that I do bounce back from difficult situations. With this in mind my resilience test and my personality results have said a lot about me, opening my eyes to who I really

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