Reflection About Learning

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Trying to explain learning to anyone is a challenge I think. I feel as though the term “learning” is not just one straight forward definition. If I had to explain it to someone who hasn’t taken this class, my old definition would have been simply any information gathered and stored in the brain through the use of our five senses. Taking this class, and critically reading the text given, has made me realize that my explanation of learning was only partially correct. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of my own personal learning habits, I can now confidently provide a more accurate definition of the term. Learning is the ability to take in the world around you, while making connections through experience, developing an understanding of …show more content…
My sequence pattern makes it very difficult for me to skip things I am confused by. I feel as though I need to do everything in order, so I don’t like moving on the next step until I have completed the first one. I can definitely forge some of my sequence so I can move on to something else and go back to the problem later. I feel like doing this would help me make better use of my time. My precision pattern often causes me to have more information than I know what to do with. Trying to incorporate all of my facts often causes me to navigate away from the topic I am supposed to be discussing. It also turns my paper into a lengthy list of irrelevant facts, which can be boring to the reader. I have a hard time deciding which information I do and don’t need. Forging my precision will also help me manage my time better. I would be able to do exactly what I need to do without wasting time on things that I don’t need to do. My technical reasoning causes me to have trouble asking for help. I don’t like asking for help and would prefer to figure things out on my own when I get confused. Forging my technical reasoning and learning that it is okay to ask for help sometimes would greatly benefit me. I think using this method would be helpful because it not only gives me an answer to my problem, it gives me a chance to see something from someone else’s point of view, which in turn may help me generate new ideas I hadn’t previously considered. As previously stated, my confluence is only at an as needed level. I am so dependent on structure and preciseness that it takes away from my creativity. I can surely intensify this pattern to help me better brainstorm new and interesting ideas. This would help me create more interesting papers that the reader can make personal connections

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