Reflection About Grief

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Day 1
What Do You Think?
Read: Genesis 12-15

Grief by any definition denotes love in sorrow. Sadness and extreme pain is felt with sincerity of heart. The source of grief is the object of desire. The cause of grief is the perception of the source. The feeling of grief is the awareness of love. The consequence of grief is the response of sincerity. Grief responders search for the source believed to be loved with sincerity of heart. What do you think?

“When my wife hurts, my heart hurts, too”; he said. “Perhaps every man feels this way. I don’t know.” (Pause) “I never meant for her to hurt. Never would I intentionally hurt her or allow someone to cause her pain. She has to know that my love is real. When things go wrong, it is a reality that
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The book speaks of 17 keys to effective ministry to inactive members. It defines inactive ministry as "Christian love: caring through Christian loving – it's a process." Readers are encouraged to engage in the process, while leaving the results to the control of God. Praying over a response to a spouse, who felt so broken and hurt, it was determined encouragement is needed to prevent inactivity in the loving of spouses. It would take a process, while leaving the results to God. With deep compassion for people and sensing the painful of agony, the responsible words came: “I think you love your wife.” (Pause) Continuing: “I think, you feel hurt and fear rejection. I think, you have a responsibility to be available to your wife, so as to say what you are thinking and feeling within. I think, what hurts is the lost of courage to seek forgiveness. What hurts is surrendering to the fear of being rejected, when wisdom is urging you to offer unconditional love in hope of receiving the same. Grief hurts and aches the entire being, is what I am thinking. And, right now your lack of heart to heart compassion is yielding an experience pain, when love beyond the pain is calling. What I think has to do with the need for a love feast; seeking the experience of transformative forgiveness and reconciliation. I think you should go to your wife and in communion rediscover the human to human …show more content…
Acts of generosity. The intentional means of doing good deeds for others. A universal application of gentleness and respect of anyone and anything challenges a child of God to practice positive regard. Worldwide love, even of enemies, is in the mission of Christian disciples. Acts of generosity and hospitality are expectations of faithful discipleship. Pathway of Jesus Christ is paved with generosity. Servant hood. True rendering of Christian service is not prejudicial. Generosity is expressive of the personal relation with Jesus Christ in service within and beyond the walls of church building. It is the act of giving, because one has been given the love of God.
3. Acts of love. The mind, heart and soul abide in the teachings of Jesus. Life at its best is lived respecting, listening, caring, and empathizing with people of God. Loving God and neighbor. Visible care expressed in words and actions. It is impossible to love God and not love the creation of God. Loving God is faith in action with hope in peaceful existence with others. Loving God is attending to the ordinances of God.
These three rules are made plain in the writings of Bishop Rueben P. Job on "Three Simple Rules." The Body of Christ continues transformation in the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. Building the body Christ by sharing the faith, Christians are “BODY BUILDERS OF JESUS

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