The Process Of Bereavement: The Five Stages Of Grief

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Bereavement relates to the deprivation of someone by death. For an individual, the death of a love one can be considered one of the greatest losses one may have. Nonetheless, an individual may also have feelings of bereavement when having other losses, such as the loss of health, the end of an important relationship, or health loss by someone close to the individual. Another healthy response to loss is grief. All individuals have different feelings of grief, but there are some particular stages to the process of mourning experienced by the individual. The process of mourning first starts with the step of recognizing the loss and it continues until the individual eventually accepts the loss. The response of the individual to grief will vary in dependence upon the circumstances of the loss. …show more content…
Mourning takes place as a response to an individual own illness, the loss of a relationship, or the death of a valued individual or possession. Normal grief can be divided on five different stages. During bereavement, the individual spends various lengths of time moving through each step and therefore expresses each stage with different levels of intensity. These five stages of grief do not necessarily take place in a specific order. The individual may move between stages before achieving a better acceptance of loss. However, many people are not provided by life’s circumstance with the time that is needed to achieve the final stages of

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